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You and your friend will receive a £10 voucher from us when they attend a New Patient Examination.



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Prices & Membership Plans


At Lime Tree we are acutely aware of the cost of modern dentistry & endeavour to be as competitive as possible. Our ethos is to provide a high standard of dentistry using state of the art materials & equipment, in a gentle and understanding manner.  We aim to offer a range of treatment solutions for any given problem. This will give a range of prices. We have introduced many new treatments to our patients that are not on offer at many local practices, that can provide cost effective solutions or alternatives to other traditional treatments. Our fees reflect the quality of materials we use and the time that it takes to complete treatments to a high standard for our patients, however our treatment fees are lower than many private practices.

Patients are welcome to "Pay As You Go" or join one of range of membership plans. These plans can offer significant discounts. Options can be discussed at your appointment and can be reviewed on a regular basis.

We are a completely independent practice. If you are registered with another dentist you can choose to come to Lime Tree for any treatment you require without affecting your registration with your current dentist.

A treatment plan and estimate of cost will be tailored for each individual patient.

New Patient Consultation inc.
  • tooth examination
  • gum examination
  • oral cancer screen
  • intra oral x-rays
  • full discussion of your dental health needs
  • discussion of treatment options & prices
  • a printed estimate of treatment fees
Existing Patients
Regular Examinations include all of these:-
  • tooth examination
  • gum examination
  • oral cancer screen
Scaling and Polishing (full mouth) £54.00
Full Mouth Periodontal (extensive gum) treatments (per visit) £240.00
Tooth Coloured - White - Composites Fillings - SMALL


Tooth Coloured - White - Composites Fillings - Whole Tooth rebuild


Amalgam - Silver Fillings (from)


Biodentine & Root Canal Treatments
Biodentine (to try to prevent root filling. (NB. Add cost of filling)) £160.00
Front Tooth (Single Root) from £350.00
Premolar Tooth from(2 Roots) £380.00
Molar (3 or 4 Roots) £520.00
Extractions £130.00
Tooth Whitening
Full mouth (usually from 1st molar forward) - Initial cost


One jaw only - Initial cost £280.00
Top up gel (2 large syringes, for full mouth approx. Yearly) £60.00
Tooth Coloured Crowns
Premier All Ceramic Zirconia Cosmetic Crown per tooth £690.00
Zirconia Monolithic Crown (Strong crown for back teeth) £640.00
3 Star Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown £570.00
FIBREDONTIC - Bridge (Single Tooth) See Fibredontic Feature From £630.00
5 Star Resin Retained Bridge (single tooth) £770.00
Crown retained bridge (price per tooth) From £550.00
Different designs and sizes/spans are available – Prices will be discussed
Cosmetic Dentures
A large range of types and prices are available. Examples below
Full Upper and Lower in Acrylic - 5 Star £1200.00
Full Upper and Lower in Acrylic - 3 Star £900.00
Partial Denture in Acrylic - 3 Star £600.00
Partial Denture in Cobalt/Chrome - from £880.00
Dental Implants - Click Here
Implant Consultation for New Patients £75.00
Bone Grafting - Only if the patient requires additional bone. £350.00

Dental Implant Single Tooth Replacement: Fully inclusive of -

  • Implant placement.
  • Abutment - This is the section that joins the Implant with the crown.
  • Guide for Surgery - Increases the level of accuracy and precision of your implant placement.
  • Crown - This is the visible part, the actual tooth. We use all porcelain crowns on front teeth to improve aesthetics.
  • All apointments, a review & initial after-care

Please Note: We are now making a surcharge for PPE and the required safety changes we have had to make to allow us to open and see patients safely. This charge is £10 for a routine appointment that does not generate an aerosol, discounted to £5 for Plan Members and £25 for an aerosol generating procedure (AGP) appointment such as fillings, crown preparations etc. For further information regarding our COVID protocols and PPE: Click here.

We can help you budget for the cost of your routine & regular appointments for examinations and scaling, with our range of Membership Plans. Significant discounts are available of upto 30% off treatment costs, with membership. In addition get FREE Out Of Hours Dental Emergency cover & Worldwide Dental Emergency cover. See below for details.

Membership Plans

Lime Tree Dental Practice

We have a range of membership plans to cater for whole family dental care needs. Click on any of the titles below to see the information brochure of the given plan. 

The monthly fees for the Adult & Family Membership plan are £17.50.


FAMILY MEMBERSHIP PLAN (includes free children's membership)


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