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What Can We Offer You?

Facial Aesthetic Treatments - Are you tired of wrinkles?

It is common to be self-conscious about wrinkles around the mouth, around the eyes and on the forehead. Treatments are now available to improve these areas.  Scott Jones offers a range of treatments to naturally change the appearance of the face. Treatments will mask the signs of ageing and are suitable for men & women alike. If you want to be discrete about such treatments, you will be booking an appointment at a dental practice to see one of our dentists.

Botox Before & After

Patients Points of View

Two female patients who have had facial enhancing treatments at Lime Tree Dental Practice discuss what they thought of the treatment and results.

“I noticed over time that my facial appearance wasn’t as fresh & youthful; as it used to be” said patient A. “I don’t class myself as vain but I do like to look my best, make-up alone didn’t correct my lines and creases, so I looked into the options available. I came across Scott Jones who works at Lime Tree Dental Practice” said patient B.

“Scott is a dentist who has an interest in facial aesthetic treatments using Botox & Dermal fillers.” “On my first meeting with Scott, he made me feel very at ease & had a good understanding of what I wanted to change. The treatment itself was very comfortable, even quite therapeutic!”

“The effect with the fillers could be seen instantly and the botox took less than 2 weeks to see results. Scott explained to me that the treatment may need a top-up after 3-4 months for botox & 9-12 months for dermal filler, less frequently than my hair needs re-doing.” “My family & friends all say I look fresher and I feel great” said Patient A

“Now my lines & creases are gone I’m so much happier and smiley!”. said Patient BBefore & After Botox

What do we offer at Lime Tree?

Scott uses a combination of dermal filler and botulinum toxin type A treatments (commonly referred to as Botox®). Dermal fillers add volume to the skin or lips whereas Botox® temporarily relaxes the muscles that create wrinkles, creating a smoother appearance.

Here at Lime Tree we use the Azzalure® botulinum toxin and Restylane® dermal filler brands. Restylane® offer the widest selection of dermal fillers on the market meaning Scott can choose the best product for you.

During your consultation, Scott will develop a personalised treatment plan to meet your needs and desires using a combination of therapies where needed.

Natural is beautiful

Scott believes very strongly in achieving a natural appearance. He aims to achieve a beautiful result that will improve your self confidence without making it obvious that treatment has been carried out. A rejuvenated appearance will leave you feeling fresher, younger and happier!

What areas can be treated?

Crows feet


Lines between the eyes (Glabella )

“Turkey neck”

Smokers lines (around the lips)

Armpits (for excessive sweating)

Marionette lines (lines running from the corners of the mouth to the jawline)


Lip enhancement (to give a fuller pout)

Nose to mouth lines

When will I see results?

Azzalure® usually take 2-3 days to become noticeable but the full benefits may take up to 3 weeks to be seen.  Restylane® results can be seen immediately but the results continue to look more and more natural over a 2 week period.  Scott carries out a review appointment 3 weeks after treatment to ensure you are happy with the results.

How long does treatment last?

Azzalure® typically lasts 3-4 months. Wrinkles will eventually return if no further treatments are taken.  Restylane® treatments last 9-12 months.

Is the treatment comfortable?

Most patients experience only very mild discomfort.  We use a numbing cream where needed for additional comfort.

Is it safe?

Both Azzalure® and Restylane® have been extensively used for many years and have been shown to be incredibly safe.  Minor side effects are normal following injections, including, redness, bruising, discomfort and swelling.  These are usually minor and resolve themselves after a few days.  More severe side effects are extremely rare.Lime Tree Dental

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